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Sat Jan 2 02:05:02 CET 2016

[00:01:20 CET] <YairNet>  -b:v mb?
[00:01:45 CET] <c_14> how long is the video?
[00:01:54 CET] <YairNet> exemple 2:00
[00:02:14 CET] <YairNet> but i need command for all video maximum 100mb orginal :O
[00:02:41 CET] <YairNet> ffmpeg -i new.mp4 -s 640x352 -b:v 16000000 -preset ultrafast   test640-352.mp4 (make me 203MB)
[00:03:30 CET] <c_14> -b:v <(maximum_size in MiB * 1024) / length_in_seconds>k
[00:06:38 CET] <YairNet> 16MB (16000/ 120sec) -b:v 133.3 ?
[00:07:32 CET] <c_14> 133.3k
[00:09:35 CET] <furq> 1092k
[00:10:09 CET] <llogan> YairNet: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Encode/H.264#twopass
[00:10:56 CET] <YairNet> way 1092k
[00:11:29 CET] <furq> or 1066k if you want 16MB and not 16MiB
[00:12:44 CET] <furq> YairNet: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=%2816+megabytes+%2F+2+minutes%29+in+kilobits+per+second
[00:12:50 CET] <furq> that's 133kB/s, not kbps
[00:15:24 CET] <YairNet> how i chack my time movie on php? ffmpeg?
[00:16:53 CET] <c_14> ffprobe
[00:17:06 CET] <c_14> has several parseable output formats
[00:20:29 CET] <llogan> YairNet: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/FFprobeTips#Duration
[00:21:16 CET] <llogan> duration may be considered "fragile"; a damaged, truncated, or corrupted input may report an incorrect duration.
[00:21:55 CET] <llogan> alternatively you could completely decode with ffmpeg and view the resulting "time=" in the console output
[00:25:08 CET] <YairNet> i take file time: 2:10 (16mb / 130sec) = 984.615385 size file finsh resize: 18MB (Way not maxium 16MB?) http://pastebin.com/Uqs8GUGT
[00:26:29 CET] <relaxed> for targeting a specific size you'll probably want to use 2 pass rate control
[00:27:26 CET] <YairNet> way is 2 pass rate control can exemple plz
[00:27:34 CET] <relaxed> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Encode/H.264
[00:32:11 CET] <furq> YairNet: you have an audio track as well
[00:32:22 CET] <furq> -b:v is the bitrate of the video stream
[00:33:35 CET] <YairNet> So what do I do ?
[00:34:55 CET] <volar> Has anyone use ffmpeg with asp.net here?
[00:35:15 CET] <volar> I'd like to convert avi file to mp4 file
[00:35:56 CET] <volar> anyone told me in this channel that libx264 can't be used in asp.net
[00:36:11 CET] <volar> so I decided to converto to ogg or webm
[00:36:37 CET] <YairNet> c_14: How do I calculate audio?
[00:37:08 CET] <c_14> Just give it something static and subtract that from the video bitrate
[00:40:57 CET] <volar> can u help me, please?
[00:42:54 CET] <YairNet> i can change to 14MB to incdlue audio?
[00:45:23 CET] <volar> a command to convert from avi to ogg in ffmpeg using asp.net
[00:45:33 CET] <waressearcher2> volar: hallo
[00:45:39 CET] <volar> hi
[00:45:41 CET] <waressearcher2> volar: wie geht's ?
[00:45:54 CET] <volar> again?
[00:46:39 CET] <waressearcher2> naja
[00:51:45 CET] <llogan> YairNet: look at the link i provided you. it gives an example.
[00:52:15 CET] <llogan> waressearcher2: why do you do that?
[00:53:44 CET] <llogan> volar: what is asp.net?
[00:59:02 CET] <volar> asp.net is a platform like java
[00:59:14 CET] <volar> for windows
[00:59:31 CET] <volar> i have to go
[00:59:43 CET] <volar> happy new yar
[00:59:48 CET] <volar> :)
[01:12:16 CET] <YairNet> I can make the ffmpeg work more faster ?
[01:13:50 CET] <fritsch> add another core i7 to the encoding farm
[01:13:58 CET] <fritsch> it scales with the number of cpus :-)
[01:14:18 CET] <fritsch> depending on the task, use your given hardware in a better way
[01:20:02 CET] <llogan> YairNet: make sure your ffmpeg is using your CPU capabilities. the console output will indicate if it is or not
[03:50:39 CET] <Knowbody> Is it possible to hide all ffmpeg output except for progress and errors?
[03:56:19 CET] <furq> Knowbody: -loglevel error -stats
[03:58:24 CET] <Knowbody> perfect, thanks
[04:47:58 CET] <qubodup> hello, how do I know if my version of ffmpeg has the feature to record jack audio?
[04:48:46 CET] <qubodup> https://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-devices.html says To enable this input device during configuration you need libjack installed on your system but does 'configuration' mean the configuration during the build process? and does it really work this way without having to set a flag? (--enable-jack) doesn't exist
[10:10:50 CET] <volar> hi
[10:11:27 CET] <volar> does anybody use asp.net?
[10:11:35 CET] <volar> ffmpeg with asp.net?
[10:11:45 CET] <volar> I need some help
[10:12:46 CET] <volar> converting avi file to mp4 file using asp.net
[10:27:00 CET] <volar> converting on the fly
[10:27:30 CET] <volar> can anyone  help me, please?
[10:31:02 CET] <Fjorgynn> :(
[10:31:21 CET] <Fjorgynn> volar: it's 10.31 am in sweden, day after new years eve
[10:31:27 CET] <Fjorgynn> just saying
[10:57:19 CET] <flux> 1
[11:08:02 CET] <YairNet> way i have problem - http://pastebin.com/ZmtQjFzm
[15:21:07 CET] <volar> hi again
[15:21:28 CET] <volar> i just downloade media hander
[15:21:56 CET] <volar> a ffmpeg wrapper for asp.net
[15:22:05 CET] <volar> has anybody use it?
[15:31:21 CET] <volar> #asp.net
[16:51:05 CET] <waressearcher2> volar: hallo
[17:12:26 CET] <volar> at last i got the solution
[17:12:28 CET] <volar> wow
[17:56:39 CET] <brli> why isn't hall of shame online for so long?
[18:26:36 CET] <prelude2004c> good day everyone.. can anyone help with vdapu ?  I am still having an issue. Here goes... " Running a system with M4000 card "... ffmpeg with vdpau enabled.. i can decode mpeg2video just fine using the GPU but any source with h264 it will not use the card to decode and instead uses CPU's. Can anyone assist with this ? what could i be doing wrong ?
[21:40:27 CET] <xintox> anyone do any live streaming in here?
[21:43:53 CET] <Betablocker> me
[21:44:13 CET] <xintox> Betablocker: what kind of streaming you do?
[21:44:39 CET] <Betablocker> i build up the biggest german webcam streaming network
[21:44:48 CET] <xintox> nice
[21:44:49 CET] <Betablocker> for web and delivering to tv stations too
[21:44:59 CET] <xintox> how big is biggest?
[21:45:23 CET] <Betablocker> 5 million visitors month
[21:45:31 CET] <xintox> damn
[21:45:33 CET] <xintox> that's awesome
[21:45:38 CET] <xintox> where do you host something like that?
[21:45:41 CET] <Betablocker> 1000-2500 viewers on the system
[21:46:12 CET] <Betablocker> hosting in colocation at frankfurt near internet ex
[21:49:48 CET] <Betablocker> jo did this the last 7 years from 1 visitors &. ME !
[21:50:41 CET] <Mavrik> Single location? :)
[21:52:12 CET] <Betablocker> ;)
[21:52:34 CET] <Betablocker> xintox so what is the question about livestreaming ?
[21:53:03 CET] <Mavrik> You like to live dangerously :D
[21:53:13 CET] <Betablocker> lol
[21:55:53 CET] <xintox> Betablocker: how mcuh bandwidth you use?
[21:57:17 CET] <xintox> i'm looking for good place to host
[21:57:23 CET] <Betablocker> depends on views& the 720p livestreams h264 take between 1 ,5 - 2,5 Gb a day 24/7
[21:57:35 CET] <Betablocker> on 200 cams
[21:57:42 CET] <Betablocker> that is inbound
[21:57:51 CET] <Betablocker> outbound depends on the viewers
[21:58:03 CET] <Betablocker> what audience do you expect for your project ?
[21:58:21 CET] <Betablocker> i mean - how many users do you have to prepare&
[21:58:41 CET] <xintox> maybe 200-300 simultanouesly
[21:59:37 CET] <Betablocker> did you thought about using youtube live ?
[22:00:05 CET] <Betablocker> it is a very nice solution for many projects. and the costs are 0 for a lot of users
[22:04:08 CET] <Betablocker> in germany/switzerland you could buy a server for about 50 euros a month. www.hetzner.de with gbit but it is not dedicated bandwith. a dedicated server is about 200-300 euros a month. a dedicated server with guaranteed bandwith is a must have for professional projects. sadly to be fail safe you need everything double & double price too.
[22:08:14 CET] <Betablocker> if i were you with 200-300 simult.  viewers i would buy one hetzner server or from a similar quality provider of your choice. install wowza, red5  or maybe nginx.  on linux and give that setup a chance for your project. costs will be manageable if it is a professional project
[22:12:36 CET] <Betablocker> i may repeat but youtube live is not that bad. take a look at it first. no setup time - no administration. dvr feature  and scalable as hell. monetization with adsense is possible too. analytics & the last time i took a look at the live api it was creepy but if you are lucky they had done their job at youtube over the time :)
[22:17:13 CET] <Betablocker> if you have enough upload at home. in some areas there is gbit upload available. you could stream for yourself without the need of video streaming services.
[22:28:57 CET] <Betablocker> ffmpeg -i "rtsp://foobar:foo@IP:554" -map 0 -c:v copy -c:a copy -f flv "rtmp://youryoutubechannel/ID
[22:29:20 CET] <Betablocker> that should push your rtsp input to youtube live
[22:53:00 CET] <furq> xintox: if you want to stream HD content to 300 viewers then you're going to need an unmetered gigabit connection (at least)
[22:53:04 CET] <furq> those weren't cheap last i checked
[22:55:31 CET] <Mavrik> Yeah, getting server hooked up to a streamable connection is rather expensive.
[22:55:52 CET] <Mavrik> Since most cheap colocations will just disconnect you if they see you burning through gigabit traffic
[22:56:45 CET] <Betablocker> jop
[22:56:49 CET] <furq> the annoying thing is that if you're not doing transcoding on the box, you hardly need any cpu power or ram
[22:57:10 CET] <furq> but good luck finding a weak server which lets you use 250TB monthly bandwidth
[22:57:32 CET] <Betablocker> 200-300 users should be no problem with a 50 euro hetzner server in germany if it is not a 24/7 streaming
[22:57:38 CET] <Mavrik> Hmm, we burn through CPU on our streamers quite a lot.
[22:57:52 CET] <Mavrik> As soon as you setup a few 100 streams over several GBit cards the CPU usage ramps up as well
[22:58:13 CET] <furq> which server
[22:58:27 CET] <furq> which streaming server, i mean
[22:58:50 CET] <Betablocker> you mean like wowza ? or like origin edge cluster ?
[22:59:26 CET] <furq> it sounds like he has one input stream and 200-300 viewers, which shouldn't be too resource-hungry
[22:59:37 CET] <furq> but then i've never had a streaming server with more than 20 viewers so maybe i'm wrong
[22:59:37 CET] <Mavrik> furq, custom
[22:59:44 CET] <Mavrik> might be more than 100 though
[22:59:53 CET] <Mavrik> Don't really work on the end infrastructure.
[23:00:07 CET] <Betablocker> it is like that furq
[23:00:17 CET] <Mavrik> I know the devops guys had a bit of issue due to network cards eating too much CPU to send out data
[23:00:34 CET] <Mavrik> Mainly syscalls being the bottleneck on those machines
[23:03:26 CET] <Betablocker> gotta go buddy - happy new year :)
[23:03:40 CET] <Mavrik> ^^
[23:03:42 CET] <Mavrik> Have fun.
[23:52:32 CET] <xavii> i've got a ffserver running, feed is fed by ffmpeg grabbing from a UDP source. I can view the video from ffserver as avi. The issue is that when i press play, the video starts fine. When i press stop, and then press play again, the video starts from the beginning of what appears to be cached video (probably something to do with timeshifting), why doesnt it play from the current time? I've tried smplayer and vlc.
[00:00:00 CET] --- Sat Jan  2 2016

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