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Fri Jan 1 02:05:02 CET 2016

[00:17:12 CET] <kierank> nevcairiel: is  there any easy way to get yuv out of directshow
[00:19:30 CET] <nevcairiel> manually once, or automated?
[00:20:10 CET] <nevcairiel> but its not hard, most directshow decoders would just output it
[00:20:28 CET] <nevcairiel> just need to chain some sort of file writer after the decoder
[00:21:26 CET] <kierank> manually
[00:21:58 CET] <Daemon404> graphedit/graphstudio -> insert filewriter
[00:23:09 CET] <kierank> pfft effort
[00:25:04 CET] <nevcairiel> you could try to go fancy and use an actual muxer, otherwise you need to use a raw yuv source in ffmpeg to read it
[01:37:49 CET] <cone-234> ffmpeg 03Rostislav Pehlivanov 07master:8de5b0d96664: dirac_dwt: remove unnecessary undefs
[02:09:15 CET] <cone-234> ffmpeg 03Thomas Mundt 07master:73ce8162f349: avfilter/vf_scale: set proper out frame color range
[05:40:08 CET] <cone-977> ffmpeg 03Ganesh Ajjanagadde 07master:b492fbcc6e87: lavc/dsd_tablegen: always generate tables at runtime
[06:58:17 CET] <kierank> why have I got no email from ganesh
[06:58:43 CET] <kierank> ah comes up in libav
[09:15:36 CET] <cone-896> ffmpeg 03Paul B Mahol 07master:416090089909: avfilter/trim: support all channel numbers in atrim filter
[09:17:58 CET] <durandal_1707> ubitux: ping
[09:29:12 CET] <ubitux> durandal_1707: pong
[09:29:23 CET] <ubitux> durandal_1707:thx for the screenshot
[10:37:00 CET] <durandal_1707> ubitux: so its ok?
[10:37:43 CET] <ubitux> probably
[11:05:20 CET] <kurosu> hi
[11:06:46 CET] <durandal_1707> Hi
[11:46:07 CET] <cone-896> ffmpeg 03Paul B Mahol 07master:b98c58573b0e: avfilter/avf_showspectrum: add fire color map
[12:37:29 CET] <cone-896> ffmpeg 03Paul B Mahol 07master:15e1fd9883b4: avfilter/avf_showspectrum: add window overlap support
[12:45:39 CET] <Franciman> Hello
[13:03:20 CET] <Franciman> If I want to produce a waveform from a file containing audio, what's the preferred way?
[13:04:14 CET] <Franciman> I need to show it in a QPixmap with Qt
[13:04:56 CET] <J_Darnley> See the page linked by the bot just above you.
[13:06:08 CET] <Franciman> J_Darnley, yes I already saw them, but I am not sure how to use libavfilter
[13:06:27 CET] <Franciman> and also how to output something I can convert to a QPixmap
[13:06:52 CET] <J_Darnley> I don't know what that is but now I guess you mean using the API
[13:07:06 CET] <Franciman> yes, the API
[13:07:16 CET] <fritsch> for QPixmap, create a QImage from the e.g. RGBA data you get from ffmpeg after decoding
[13:07:23 CET] <fritsch> and then create the Pixmap from the QImage
[13:07:38 CET] <Franciman> k, and what if the audio has multiple channels?
[13:07:47 CET] <fritsch> what has audio to do with a Pixmap?
[13:08:03 CET] <Franciman> no nothing, I was just trying to say I want to use the API
[13:08:23 CET] <fritsch> did you ever read a bit into the api at all?
[13:08:27 CET] <Franciman> yes
[13:08:32 CET] <Franciman> but I don't quite understand that
[13:08:38 CET] <fritsch> then I don't understand your question
[13:09:11 CET] <Franciman> I want to create a waveform from an audio stream
[13:09:36 CET] <Franciman> so I should use the filter, right?
[13:10:24 CET] Action: J_Darnley should sell his vis library right about now.
[13:16:06 CET] <Franciman> *filters
[13:17:42 CET] <Franciman> Now the point is that I don't know how to use the libavfilter lib, and I have found very few examples of its usage
[13:44:48 CET] <durandal_1707> J_Darnley: what it does?
[13:45:22 CET] <J_Darnley> Its the port of Winamp's AVS that I've been laziliy working on for18 months
[14:01:56 CET] <durandal_1707> Franciman: see how ffmpeg do filter complex?
[14:02:33 CET] <Franciman> uhm ok thanks
[14:02:49 CET] <Franciman> where can I find the code?
[14:06:46 CET] <durandal_1707> source.ffmpeg.org
[14:07:07 CET] <Franciman> ty
[14:07:08 CET] <durandal_1707> Probably better write example
[16:47:50 CET] <cone-896> ffmpeg 03erankor 07master:3f8564fe3c68: avformat/mov: support cenc (common encryption)
[17:06:17 CET] <j-b> and again.
[17:21:13 CET] <wm4> again?
[17:32:01 CET] <cone-896> ffmpeg 03Andreas Cadhalpun 07master:7ea2db6eafa0: mjpegdec: extend check for incompatible values of s->rgb and s->ls
[17:41:37 CET] <Daemon404> wm4, its been committed before
[17:41:42 CET] <Daemon404> probably broken 
[17:41:47 CET] <Daemon404> revert, and committed again?
[17:41:53 CET] <Daemon404> plus j-b hates drm.
[17:45:21 CET] <KGB> [13FFV1] 15dericed closed pull request #16: Typos and cleanup (06master...06typos-and-cleanup) 02http://git.io/vRtUs
[17:49:21 CET] <cbsrobot> probably j-b does not like anonymous commits
[18:06:37 CET] <JEEB> Daemon404: I think that was the decryption patch
[18:06:45 CET] <JEEB> the commit message is eerily the same
[18:06:45 CET] <JEEB> lol
[18:10:53 CET] <Daemon404> o
[18:10:56 CET] <Daemon404> yeah...
[18:11:04 CET] <Daemon404> my bad
[20:51:54 CET] <michaelni> the email address of erankor contains his full name ...
[21:42:33 CET] <J_Darnley> Does anyone know of a "simple english" explaination for avx2's vgather instructions?
[21:43:59 CET] <nevcairiel> from that i've been told, the gather instructions are not particularly interesting since they are not faster than scalar loads
[21:44:51 CET] <J_Darnley> ah
[21:45:17 CET] <nevcairiel> i suppose there might be use-cases where they can help
[21:45:32 CET] <nevcairiel> but usage of such instructions is always ... tricky
[21:46:28 CET] <J_Darnley> loading might not be faster but if you can save time on arithmetic it might be useful
[21:55:51 CET] <jamrial> gcc generates vectorized code with them, so assuming they are making the cost decisions right, there are some situations where they may be a good choice
[23:07:05 CET] <J_Darnley> Hehe.  I think I found an infinite loop bug in yasm.
[23:07:35 CET] <J_Darnley> It appeared to get stuck if I didn't declare my temp registers
[23:43:22 CET] <TD-Linux> bayer cineform? weird
[00:00:00 CET] --- Fri Jan  1 2016

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