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Christophe Gisquet christophe.gisquet at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 20:32:51 CEST 2016


here's I think a list of things left to do. I remember saste doing it
on some occasions.

Please comment on whether you think I have pointed an actual action to
perform. Don't mind the details for now, it's just to get the train

2016-05-30 10:49 GMT+02:00 Michael Niedermayer <michael at niedermayer.cc>:

> May 28 19:07:54 <BBB>   https://wiki.videolan.org/Code_of_Conduct/
> May 28 19:29:06 <durandal_170>  so lets add that to current CoC and put it for vote on ML?

Action: put to vote the addition of the "repercussions" from the linked page.

There was some discussion as how to modify it. Whether to accept as
is, or delay for additions can be included in the vote, IMO:
> May 28 19:29:40 <jamrial>       durandal_1707: send a draft first and get comments to improve it

> May 28 19:38:00 <michaelni>     AVClass & AVOption should be added to all public "Context" structs for API consistency and to make it easier for apps to support multiple ffmpeg versios and distros

Action: put to vote (vote ongoing).

> May 28 20:21:19 <jamrial>       liabvutil is currently the only non modular library. literally everything is compiled and installed no matter your configure options
> May 28 20:31:19 <kurosu_>       Err what's the result on the previous topic? Send patches and it'll get reviewed but the end goal is ok? (I don't mind)
> May 28 20:31:47 <BBB>   kurosu_: sounds like it yes

Action: whoever is interested will submit patches, with the idea that
the end goal is worth reaching.

> May 28 20:32:54 <ubitux>        that's the other issue; we don't really have someone to handle the sysadmin stuff
> May 28 20:35:58 <ubitux>        i feel like we really need someone to officially handle the sysadmin stuff
> May 28 20:33:14 <ubitux>        does anyone have a sysadmin in his relationships that would be interested in that?
> May 28 20:34:09 <michaelni>     we have a virtual box in bulgaria that ffbox0 could be moved to if teres a volunteer
> May 28 20:52:40 <kierank>       VLC have offered to sysadmin for years
> May 28 20:55:01 <Compn> i put it on the table, my offer to admin again
> May 28 21:22:30 <Illya> iive: makes a good suggestion, GitHub would release at least two services (git and trac). For trac to GitHub you could look at something like: https://github.com/trustmaster/trac2github It also might make the project more accessible to new contributors

Action: decide how and who performs admin tasks.
I think the above lists the possible options in a vote:
- Compn as admin
- Delegate admin tasks to VLC (seemed related to hosting too)
- Draft a request for admins to be circulated
- Move stuff to bulgaria
- Move stuff to github

> May 28 20:58:44 <michaelni>     we probably should config postfix or spamassasin to check DMARK/DKIM/SPF or part of that on incoming mai (not really important but i thn it doest curretly)

Details on what needs to be done, I think this is not high-level
enough for a vote.
Action: michaelni to list some wishes?

> May 28 21:28:47 <durandal1170>  i want possibility to fund devs to work on specific part of FFmpeg
> May 28 21:28:59 <iive>  what happened with FFmtech?
> May 28 21:29:38 <saste> at the moment we have a total of ~15K USD in the SPI and ffis.de funds
> May 28 21:30:58 <michaelni>     saste, can we fund someone maybe to make kierans fuzzing GSoC project a reality ? i mean if people agree to that
> May 28 21:31:59 <durandal1170>  so just need to pick some part of codebase that need refactoring/cleaning up/improving?
> May 28 21:59:08 <kurosu_>       Kierank mentioned btw he was willing to fund some work on libavfilter API that would suit his needs, the details of which he'll give to whomever is integrated

Action: list the sponsoring opportunities for work on ffmpeg: tasks
and origin of funds?
- better lavfi API for some usecases
- find whether SPI/... can be used for that

> May 28 19:32:58 <jamrial>       since cehoyos is here, we could maybe talk about his behavior and why the CoC and repercussions for violating it was introduced to begin with
> May 28 21:51:31 <BBB>   is there anything concrete we’re going to do w.r.t. derek and carl?
> May 28 21:59:52 <kierank>       So Derek and carl?
> May 28 22:26:54 <nevcairiel>    its too late now, and we need to handle the situation at hand
> May 28 22:28:24 <kurosu_>       nevcairiel, do you want a vote here and now, to what effect?
> May 28 22:31:09 <BBB>   I agree that a vote on the ML would be better to give people that fell asleep here the chance to participate also
> May 28 22:34:59 <kurosu_>       It's late here. I'm ok for a vote also, just not sure what kind of offense it would be

And the big, flashy pink, elephant in the room:
Action: draft a vote on the repercussions to Carl Eugen Hoyos
behaviours (patch submission, general interaction with others)
Note, I don't have a strong idea on what it may contain (option of
temp/week/perma ban, warning, removal of some rights, etc).

If someone is interested in this, maybe listing all potential options
and use Condorcet etc.

I don't really care, the above just says: don't drag this on.

Best regards,

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