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Michael Niedermayer michael at niedermayer.cc
Fri Jun 3 21:13:09 CEST 2016

On Fri, Jun 03, 2016 at 08:32:51PM +0200, Christophe Gisquet wrote:

> > May 28 20:58:44 <michaelni>     we probably should config postfix or spamassasin to check DMARK/DKIM/SPF or part of that on incoming mai (not really important but i thn it doest curretly)
> Details on what needs to be done, I think this is not high-level
> enough for a vote.
> Action: michaelni to list some wishes?

i want some assistent to help with dayly server admin duties
most root admins we have help and contribute but are often busy
raz recently set up a full backup system for us, someone seems
helping with security updates as iam not always the first doing them
(i think its lou but didnt check) and all kinds of other things ...

what would be really nice would be someone who has some time and for
whom server admining is a fun thing to do,
someone who would do it "because it needs to be done" would be 2nd
choice IMHO

> SIX)
> > May 28 19:32:58 <jamrial>       since cehoyos is here, we could maybe talk about his behavior and why the CoC and repercussions for violating it was introduced to begin with
> > May 28 21:51:31 <BBB>   is there anything concrete we’re going to do w.r.t. derek and carl?
> > May 28 21:59:52 <kierank>       So Derek and carl?
> > May 28 22:26:54 <nevcairiel>    its too late now, and we need to handle the situation at hand
> > May 28 22:28:24 <kurosu_>       nevcairiel, do you want a vote here and now, to what effect?
> > May 28 22:31:09 <BBB>   I agree that a vote on the ML would be better to give people that fell asleep here the chance to participate also
> > May 28 22:34:59 <kurosu_>       It's late here. I'm ok for a vote also, just not sure what kind of offense it would be
> And the big, flashy pink, elephant in the room:
> Action: draft a vote on the repercussions to Carl Eugen Hoyos
> behaviours (patch submission, general interaction with others)
> Note, I don't have a strong idea on what it may contain (option of
> temp/week/perma ban, warning, removal of some rights, etc).

iam not suggesting anything specific but there is one thing that i
think i have not seen talked about and that is moderation. Mailman
supports moderating individual subscribers.

It might be along the lines of
If one repeatly and conciously violates the CoC and no real solution
can be found, he can be given the choice by the mailman admins to
either promise to attempt not to repeat the violation
or to be moderated until an event occurs that changes the situation
or some timeout.
The insulted person should have the option to veto this at any time so
if one feels that it wasnt enough to justify the inconvenience the
"hurt" party should be able to stop this.
This would have to be combined with something effective for IRC and
possibly git, in case issues shift there too


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