[FFmpeg-devel] IRC meeting

Christophe Gisquet christophe.gisquet at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 21:45:21 CEST 2016


sorry if I'm or was confusing, I'm best-effort here.

2016-06-03 21:13 GMT+02:00 Michael Niedermayer <michael at niedermayer.cc>:
> i want some assistent to help with dayly server admin duties
> most root admins we have help and contribute but are often busy
> raz recently set up a full backup system for us, someone seems
> helping with security updates as iam not always the first doing them
> (i think its lou but didnt check) and all kinds of other things ...
> what would be really nice would be someone who has some time and for
> whom server admining is a fun thing to do,
> someone who would do it "because it needs to be done" would be 2nd
> choice IMHO

You are actually replying to FOUR)
This seems to be "ask someone to join in the rotation of tasks",
rather than a full-blown delegation of work. That's an option. I don't
pretend to have correctly worded the action of FOUR)

> iam not suggesting anything specific but there is one thing that i
> think i have not seen talked about and that is moderation. Mailman
> supports moderating individual subscribers.
> It might be along the lines of
> If one repeatly and conciously violates the CoC and no real solution
> can be found, he can be given the choice by the mailman admins to
> either promise to attempt not to repeat the violation
> or to be moderated until an event occurs that changes the situation
> or some timeout.
> The insulted person should have the option to veto this at any time so
> if one feels that it wasnt enough to justify the inconvenience the
> "hurt" party should be able to stop this.
> This would have to be combined with something effective for IRC and
> possibly git, in case issues shift there too

You are actually replying to point ONE, more precisely, "how to modify
it" (the CoC).
There are many opinions. I think an amount of time best described by
some aleph can be spent discussing the details, but I bet people are
ok with "use VLC's or whichever, then vote for improvement". You are
proposing an improvement.

The point here is, several people seem to want things to move here
irrespective of ONE, so a vote seems (to me) the natural step forward.
So, either someone acts towards the action, and it may happen, or
clearly, nothing will happen.

I'm resting my opinion that we are putting the cart before the horse,
but I recognize the need from people for action, so I'm ready to vote
on that point, irrespective of ONE. If it happens.

Best regards,

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