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Guillaume Poirier gpoirier at mplayerhq.hu
Wed Apr 26 17:04:53 CEST 2006


Alban Bedel wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Apr 2006 02:25:15 +0200
> Diego Biurrun <diego at biurrun.de> wrote:

>>Also, don't forget that the code devs outnumber the docs devs 10:1 and
>>fixing everybody else's basic spelling/grammar mistakes is a lot of work
>>and not a terribly sexy thing to do...
> That's true, althought there doesn't seems to be much work going on with
> the docs. I might be mistaking as i don't see the commits, but for one
> thing i know that the OSD menu section still hadn't seen a single update.
> It still state "the Preferences menu is currently UNIMPLEMENTED!" althought
> i implemented it for quiet sometimes now (and mentioned that on irc
> several times).

Ahem. "I've shouted many times under my shower that I had a crush on
Heidi Klum, and we still aren't going out together... I wonder why"

or, better:

"I've got a post-it on my car dashboard that reads that I have a crush
on Heidi Klum, and we still aren't going out together... I wonder why"

... some ways to communicate are clearly not efficient.

Docs-related discussions belong to the DOCS mailing list.

> To tell the truth my impression is that the current doc team doesn't write
> docs anymore.

That is probably true. I, for one, haven't add anything to mencoder's
docs for a while, but on one hand, I consider that some parts of the
docs are "good enough" for now, on the other hand, the parts I want to
modify are a bit controversial.

Yes, I'm lazy, and I'm quite all right with that: I've only taken the
responsibility of:
fr manpage (up-to-date)
reviewing fr translations of xml and help.h files (I've got some files
on my pipe)
ml admin
mencoder xml docs (x264 section needs work)
mencoder section of the manpage (up-to-date)

And I don't want to take responsibility for anything else, because I
can't.... but I believe I do a quite decent job at what I've signed up
to (except xml mencoder doc which needs to be updated with respect to
latest x264 developments)

> Instead pressure is put on the dev to have them writting poor
> docs which is then eventually rewrote and/or heavily corrected by the doc
> team. I miss the times where the doc ppl acctually wrote most of the docs
> themself.

I surely don't miss the time when the docs were full of random rants
against users...


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