NOVIRUS Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] MPHQ server maintainence, upgrade

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Sat Dec 20 00:15:24 CET 2003

* Arpi <arpi at> [2003-12-19 21:29:04 +0100]:


> i've checked teh site, but cant find a list of advantages/disadvantages of
> this distro. anyway, is it really a distro, or just a tar'ed installed lfs,
> somehow like my Salak 1.0 is? (which is a tarball of installed and patched,
> configured, extended slackware) or it's from packages, what you can
> remove/replace? esp. that it has quite outdated versions of several apps.

What you can currently see is nothing more than a fs image.
But behind the scenes we're doing quite much in direction of completely
automated software distribution and package management
(please read my mails in the other thread :))

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