[MPlayer-dev-eng] deterministic builds

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Wed Dec 24 13:08:47 CET 2003

* Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski <dominik at rangers.eu.org> [2003-12-23 20:40:48 +0100]:

> No, you misunderstand. RPM autodetects what libraries a binary is
> dependent on at the end of the build process and puts that information
> into a package. 
> The only information you need to supply is which development packages 
> need to be installed before the source package can be rebuilt.

How ? 
Does it use ldd ? Well, thats not reliable enought for me.

> > No, I dont think so. It works just for those ones who install one package after
> > another and dont ever think about removing or upgrading old stuff.
> No. It doesn't work well for those who build software themselves from source
> and install new versions over and over. But that's what package managers
> are for. If you're not competent enough to deal with that, then you should
> just use binary packages provided by other people who are.

Perhaps you misunderstand me. 
I'm talking about some theoretical considerations what a package manager
can do and what it cannot do with current project modeling. (assuming 
there's no manual package maintaining like writing specfiles, etc)

> > Why should evryone have to do evrything by hand (from fetching the tarball to
> > building and installing) if it could be done with one single command ?
> Why would an ordinary user want to waste time compiling from the source?
Because its better for its machine ?
I'm talking about quite heterogenous environtments. 

Okay, you can build packages for several CPUs and platforms, but soon
it becomes too much to handle.

> > (ie. package-install mplayer --auto ... package-upgrade mplayer --auto ... )
> I don't understand what you wanted to say in the above example.
This a command to install/update a package (i.e. mplayer) 100% automatic,
but also honouring all site dependent stuff (i.e. platform, architecture,
pathes, languages, ...)

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