[MPlayer-dev-eng] MPHQ server maintainence, upgrade

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Wed Dec 24 20:07:51 CET 2003

Gabucino writes:
 > Birzan George Cristian wrote:
 > > Could you clarify that? What Debian bugs were used?
 > I guess someone has to break in first to use the brk exploit..

I doubt it was a bug in apt, dpkg, etc, so it was hardly a Debian
specific bug..  Anyway, let's please close this pointless distro
bashing FUD once and for all, thanks a million.

BTW, one of our (the developers) machines might have been broken into
and that might have been used to try to break into mphq, so everybody
should have a second look at their box(es).

 > > 3) Could you, _PLEASE_, stop with the FUD about Debian? Really, it does
 > > neither side any good.
 > See the thread on -users

Which thread?  Could you point me to it?  I couldn't find it in the


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