[MPlayer-dev-eng] video application developer meeting

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Wed Dec 24 23:43:30 CET 2003

Attila Kinali writes:
 > What is it about ? I'd like to organize a meeting of
 > opensource video application developers to help the exchange
 > of ideas and plan the further development.
 > The meeting would be held within the course of the 
 > Swiss Unix Conference 2004 (SUCON'04) begining
 > of september 2004 (as of current planing 2-4 sept)
 > in Zurich/Switzerland.
 > (The webpage www.sucon.ch shows still the program
 > of last year, but should be updated soon)

Sign me up for it.  A place to drop a sleeping bag would be cool,

 > Would you be interested in such a meeting ?

Most definitely.

 > And/or would some of you be interested in giving a speach at the
 > SUCON'04 ?

Sure, I don't know squat what I'm talking about but I do it well ;-)
Just give me a topic to talk about ;-) No, seriously, there are others
that are better suited for this.


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