[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: video application developer meeting

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Thu Dec 25 12:38:34 CET 2003


> There never will be a standard because all the projects other than
> MPlayer want an API that sucks.

I don't think that 'an API that sucks' is high on their wish list -
it's more likely the result ;-)

> BTW2, after seeing demux_mkv.cpp being OVER 3500 LINES (!!)

Yes, the Matroska demuxer is the worst piece of code you've ever seen
bla bla bla we know your opinion. I totally agree that Matroska's tree
like structure means more code (and more lines), and that using the
current C++ libmatroska again calls for more code/lines to be used. On
the other hand the current Matroska demuxer probably supports more
stream types than any other demuxer. Some stream types simply require
interesting workarounds, some others require complete handling inside
the demuxer (like the subtitles, this is generally mplayer's "fault", ok
not fault, but it simply lacks the demuxing chain for text subs).

> Keep in mind that NUT is superior in every way (from a technical
> standpoint) and only takes a couple hundred lines to implement.

Again you say that Matroska sucks because the demuxer sucks, but I tend
to disagree. Containers should be good at storing data and making it
possible to retrieve the data without too much difficulty. The Matroska
demuxer may be bloated, but in most cases it is not complicated
(assuming you're familiar with Matroska's structure, but that's true for
every format).


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