[MPlayer-dev-eng] playing more than one movie currently sucks

mplayer at xy1.org mplayer at xy1.org
Sat Dec 27 16:26:13 CET 2003

I tried to play more than one movie,
for example mplayer *.avi
The problem is: He close and recreate the window after playing one 

So I tried with the option fullscreen, and it sucks also:
He close the fullscreen after the end of a video, than he open a new 
movie in a window (no more fullscreen).

My goal was to create transistion between movies, but after I saw the 
source code, I gave up, there are 3000 lines of code in the main 
function, a possibility for me to make the transistion was to use 
threads encapsulated in C++ classes, but porting this to c++ seems for 
me to be very difficult, practically the complete program is in one 
function! (main)

What do you think about it?


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