[MPlayer-dev-eng] Filters pipeline and encoders

Nico nsabbi at tiscali.it
Sun Dec 28 23:15:52 CET 2003

after many broken encodes with xvid (logfile corrupt) I realized that 
the problem happens
when, for whatever reason, the decoding/filter pipeline is reinitialized 
(such as when you concatenate
2 mpeg files and decode with  libmpeg2; I have one such file if you need);
since ve_xvid is the last filter in the pipeline, the first logfile is 
closed, then a new ve_xvid instance is run and the
logfile is overwritten.

I wonder: is it necessary to reinitialize even the encoder ?
If not: is it possible to save its state and append it to the new 
decoding/filtering pipeline?


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