[MPlayer-dev-eng] twos audio in mov files

Karl Wood karl.wood at shevek.f9.co.uk
Mon Dec 29 20:26:43 CET 2003

Attila Kinali wrote in reply to Roberto Togni:

> Arpi commited a patch to ad_pcm a few days ago that should fix a bug
> (dunno what). Please try again.

I just signed up to mplayer-dev-eng especially to draw your attention
to this, I normally hang out on the users list. Here's the reference
to the above quote if mail threading of this reply doesn't work.


Here's the thread in mplayer-users where I got involved in this issue:



Hi Attila,

I think you're not appreciating the problem fully. Here's the patch
from Arpi I think you are referring to (being specific is good, and
your words "dunno what" suggests you might have replied in haste :)


It =breaks= Quicktime MOV encoding and playback in 1.0pre3 for some
folks, myself included. If I undo the patch everything works again
for me.

The Catch22 is that the same patch =fixes= Quicktime MOV problems for
other people, so Roberto is asking how to resolve this to make us all

I've tried CVS MPlayer-20031228, same results as 1.0pre3. So whatever
patch you're thinking of doesn't help, sorry.


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