[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: [PATCH] theora support

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Sat May 3 20:59:46 CEST 2003


> Jonathan Rogers wrote:
> > That's great! I'll try it immediately. I've been waiting for Theora
> > support to be added to a better player, as the example one seemed to
> > take too much CPU time to be practical on my machine (for decently
> > sized movies). Ever since I heard of Theora, I've been excited to see
> > how it'll compare to MPEG4 video.
> I had the same problems with the example player.  But the current
> implementation of my theora driver might not yet be 100% efficient: it
> copies the YUV-Buffer from Theora into mplayer's MPI structure.  I'm not
> sure, but it might be possible to make the MPI image just point to
> Theora's YUV data.


i suggest you some RTFM of docs/tech/libmpcodecs.txt

your codec implementation is messy at several points, misuse flags and so
on. it's on my TODO to reimplement/fix but i'm busy with G2 nowdays.

the best would be if theora codec could decode into memory allocated by
mplayer core, hopefully in Xv or video card's memory area.

> > By the way, did you notice that the video in the example oggs in
> > <URL:http://www.theora.org/test/test.zip> doesn't play correctly with
> > the current example player?
> No, I used encoder_example in combination with mplayer to create various
> samples.  I don't know any location to get up-to-date samples from... 

could you create a sample file playable wiht your patch, and upload to
mplayerhq.hu ftp for testing?

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Developer of MPlayer, the Movie Player for Linux - http://www.MPlayerHQ.hu

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