[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: xvidix colourmap problem vidix on sourceforge

Ruben Garcia ruben at ugr.es
Thu May 8 18:14:16 CEST 2003

James Stembridge wrote:
> "Ruben Garcia" <ruben at ugr.es> wrote in message
> news:3EB7980F.8050108 at ugr.es...
>>I have been having a look at vidix on sourceforge, and it seems there is
>>not much to change.
> Indeed, replacing one with the other is not an enormous task as both
> versions have a common root. However, it is quite some time since the branch
> took place and there are probably plenty of fixes in the mplayer version
> that need to be preserved. I am of course no great expert on it all and
> others may well be better positioned to make such judgements.
> James.

So the situation is:
1) fixes in branch not present in mplayer
2) fixes in mplayer not present in branch

Now this is more difficult than I thought. I firstly thought I could do 
away with mplayer version.

So the way is start just before the branch, and see the cvs changes in 
both trees in chronological order merging them until all commits are 

I am not able to do that, I don't know enough about my cards internals.

Who was the original writer of vidix?

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