[MPlayer-dev-eng] [BUG] libmpeg12/g1 memcorruption broken mpeg1 files

Fabian Franz FabianFranz at gmx.de
Sun May 25 19:20:33 CEST 2003

Am Sonntag, 25. Mai 2003 19:10 schrieb Felix Buenemann:
> Hi,
> just wanted to say that current main cvs libmpeg12 causes mem corruption on
> broken mpeg1 streams, where start_code for slice decoding gets corrupted.

Most likely this does not happen with g2 ? Or did you test it ?

> ffmpeg12 codec catches this nicely by this code in
> mpeg12.c:mpeg_decode_slice: ---
>   start_code = (start_code - 1) & 0xff;
>     if (start_code >= s->mb_height){
>         fprintf(stderr, "slice below image (%d >= %d)\n", start_code,
> s->mb_height);
>         return DECODE_SLICE_MB_ADDR_ERROR;
>     }
> ---

hm, interesting.

> Apparently code handling this case in libmpeg12 is missing which causes
> mplayer to freeze and corrupt X memory which keeps me from being able to
> debug this. (I can only switch to console and killall -KILL mplayer-dev)

hm, tried with -vo x11 or similar (without direct-rendering) ?



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