[MPlayer-dev-eng] wishlist again

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Mon May 26 01:47:14 CEST 2003


I thought I might update the wishlist, so start wishing away.  It
works, since the last time the following wishes have become reality:

- native support for SVQ3 and WMV8
- drop -deinterlace plugin
- scale playback speed
- mpg muxing
- a new german documentation maintainer


So here is the list, please tell me if some entries are outdated and
tell me what else you'd wish to see in MPlayer.


If wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets ...


 * a nice and complete MEncoder tutorial

 * continue docs review

 * check docs for completeness

 * write documentation HOWTO/rules document

Bug fixes:

 * fix mf ijpg encoding

 * fix crashing DLLs

Small improvements:

 * vo mga should completely blank the screen like fbdev and tdfxfb
   (maybe there should be an option - some people seem to like it the
   way it is, but then fbdev should also behave like this..)

 * Debian package creates mplayer.conf.1 .2 ...

 * -vo fbdev -fb device ---> -fbdev:device

 * accept -dvd 9-12 command line

 * specify suboptions in a config file without breaking playback (use
   channel 21 if using -tv, same idea for -vf, -af, etc...)

 * enable -wid for vo x11, seems to only work with xv

 * make -geometry work with all vo drivers

 * Make the output windows remember their positions when resizing to
   double size.

 * Ability to completely disable those popups ('cannot access cdrom',
   'your system is too slow...').

 * Ability to resize to full size/double size/triple (or half) size
   upon key presses.


 * move -dump* options to mencoder

 * integrate dvdnav into mplayer structure

 * integrate libmpdvdkit2 into mplayer structure (message system and
   command line options)

 * remove all obsolete code, options, files etc

 * modularize all VOs, AOs, as well as audio/video codecs/filters like
   vidix drivers; it'd make the main binary smaller and packager's job

 * move zoran jpeg encoder to video filters

 * convert -zr options to -zr suboption:suboption format


 * eq filter should support RGB in addition to YUV

 * hue, saturation sw eq filters

 * implement gamma correcture filter


 * adapt colored output from MPlayerXP

 * merge VIDIX from MPlayerXP

 * SSA style & colors handling

 * plugin structure for vf/af

 * support for VirtualDub and Winamp plugins

 * implement xawtv config file parser (for channels, etc)

 * finish icc support

 * G400 2nd head through mga_vid ;)

 * dts support

 * do more things automagically

 * guess correct DVD title

 * syuv support in swscaler

 * implement Plextor compatible SCSI VCD reading

Difficult stuff:

 * reverse engineer all closed codecs (QDM2, WMV9, ...)

 * support for Bink/Smacker codecs

 * stay in pause after seek, fullscreen etc

 * write something like mptv to replace xawtv

 * write a C implementation of rtsp (redundant)

 * real mmsu:// support

 * encode to ogm, mp4, asf

 * develop new video overlay interface (something like vidix but with
   less idiotic interface and more compatible with Xv for easier
   driver porting) 

 * xinerama video filter that splits movie to 2 screens (like zr)

 * top notch DVD navigation like a hardware player

 * Make audio/video/subtitle tracks selectable during playback.

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