[MPlayer-dev-eng] wishlist again

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon May 26 02:16:04 CEST 2003


>  * fix mf ijpg encoding

what's the problem with it?

>  * vo mga should completely blank the screen like fbdev and tdfxfb

lol :)

>  * Debian package creates mplayer.conf.1 .2 ...

debian sux

>  * accept -dvd 9-12 command line

also in g2

>  * specify suboptions in a config file without breaking playback (use
>    channel 21 if using -tv, same idea for -vf, -af, etc...)

afair it's possible now (remember sth like this from latest config layer
update - config now allows errors just print warnings?)

>  * enable -wid for vo x11, seems to only work with xv

it's implemented for gl, x11 and xmga for sure, but may be broken

>  * make -geometry work with all vo drivers


>  * modularize all VOs, AOs, as well as audio/video codecs/filters like
>    vidix drivers; it'd make the main binary smaller and packager's job
>    easier

not really possible, due to config stuff.
actually you can compile codecs and video filters to .so files and the core
will even load them (--enable-dinamic-plugins ?) but it fails as the rets of
the code (like -lavdopts in config) depends on the codec plugin's vars.
also there is shared code between codecs (like hwac3 vs. a52) and filters
disallowing them to load/use independently.

it's a design issue, solved in g2.

> Filters:

>  * hue, saturation sw eq filters
>  * implement gamma correcture filter

both done months ago (in eq2)

>  * plugin structure for vf/af

what's that?

>  * support for VirtualDub and Winamp plugins

both were almost finished by alex but he deleted that code or what :((

>  * implement xawtv config file parser (for channels, etc)


>  * G400 2nd head through mga_vid ;)


>  * dts support

hwac3 supports dts now, for sw decoding we have to wait until sw decoder is
finished. somebody recently started that work, read at xine-codecs-devel
list afair.

>  * do more things automagically

== drink the cola without the need of commiting :)

>  * guess correct DVD title


>  * syuv support in swscaler

yes, it would be nice, but now very useless (who needs qt dll's svq1 decoder
now... and it's the only user of syuv format)

and paletted rgb support too, it could obsolete vf_palette and make
auto. filter insertion logic in g1/g2's video path a lot simpler.

>  * implement Plextor compatible SCSI VCD reading

i'll really do that... but donno when :(
i wanted to check/fix when doing vcd cleanup of g2, but Fabian did it for me :)

> Difficult stuff:
>  * reverse engineer all closed codecs (QDM2, WMV9, ...)

yeah :)
and realvideo/audio ones. i guess rv20/30/40 is some mpeg4/h264 variant too,
just like wmv9. note that HelixCode (the opensource shit by real.com)
have the binary codecs compiled with the debug symbols/info enabled... :)

>  * support for Bink/Smacker codecs

it's not so hard, just needs some volunteers to trace/debug a game demo
using the decoder dlls. there are decoder dlls with fairly simple API
(like realvideo's one, but probably simpler), and by implementing a
wrapper the parameters could be traced.
(see mphq samples/drivers32/Bink/)

>  * write a C implementation of rtsp (redundant)

there are several rtsp implementations out there, and i guess all but
live.com is plain C. dunno hwo complete they are.
also note that live.com somewhat implements the demuxers too, we could skip
that part, just implement sdp:// parsing and rtp stream receiver.

>  * real mmsu:// support

btw afaik it's the same as mmst://, just uses different socket type.
mayeb someone familliar with unix network stuff could try to hack it...

>  * encode to ogm, mp4, asf

and nut :)
asf muxer could be ported from mplayerxp

>  * develop new video overlay interface (something like vidix but with
>    less idiotic interface and more compatible with Xv for easier
>    driver porting) 

called v4u (video-for-unix or video-for-you :)) [idea by Alex]

>  * top notch DVD navigation like a hardware player


>  * Make audio/video/subtitle tracks selectable during playback.

sub is selectable, a/v is design issue, solved in g2

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Developer of MPlayer G2, the Movie Framework for all - http://www.MPlayerHQ.hu

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