[MPlayer-dev-eng] wishlist again

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Mon May 26 02:50:33 CEST 2003

Arpi writes:
 > >  * fix mf ijpg encoding
 > what's the problem with it?

No idea, I just took the old wishlist.  I just decided to remove
bugfixes from the wishlist, that belongs somewhere else.

 > >  * Debian package creates mplayer.conf.1 .2 ...
 > debian sux

No, it's our postinstall script.

 > >  * plugin structure for vf/af
 > what's that?

Dunno, who wished for this?

 > >  * do more things automagically
 > == drink the cola without the need of commiting :)


 > >  * syuv support in swscaler
 > yes, it would be nice, but now very useless (who needs qt dll's svq1 decoder
 > now... and it's the only user of syuv format)
 > and paletted rgb support too, it could obsolete vf_palette and make
 > auto. filter insertion logic in g1/g2's video path a lot simpler.

Well, the last time you wished for an improvement to swscaler Michael
implemented it by the next day.  Maybe you are lucky again ;-)

 > >  * implement Plextor compatible SCSI VCD reading
 > :)))))))))))
 > i'll really do that... but donno when :(
 > i wanted to check/fix when doing vcd cleanup of g2, but Fabian did it for me :)

:-) I still think I will see the day when it works.

BTW, I have a spare SCSI Plextor 12x CD-ROM lying around, so if
somebody wants to tackle this, drop me a note.

 > >  * encode to ogm, mp4, asf
 > and nut :)

Yes, when will we finally see that?

OK, here is the updated wishlist:

If wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets ...


 * a nice and complete MEncoder tutorial

 * continue docs review

 * check docs for completeness

 * write documentation HOWTO/rules document

Small improvements:

 * vo mga should completely blank the screen like fbdev and tdfxfb
   (maybe there should be an option - some people seem to like it the
   way it is, but then fbdev should also behave like this..)

 * Debian package creates mplayer.conf.1 .2 ...

 * -vo fbdev -fb device ---> -fbdev:device

 * accept -dvd 9-12 command line

 * make -geometry work with all vo drivers

 * Make the output windows remember their positions when resizing to
   double size.

 * Ability to completely disable those popups ('cannot access cdrom',
   'your system is too slow...').

 * Ability to resize to full size/double size/triple (or half) size
   upon key presses.


 * move -dump* options to mencoder

 * integrate dvdnav into mplayer structure

 * integrate libmpdvdkit2 into mplayer structure (message system and
   command line options)

 * remove all obsolete code, options, files etc

 * move zoran jpeg encoder to video filters

 * convert -zr options to -zr suboption:suboption format


 * eq filter should support RGB in addition to YUV


 * adapt colored output from MPlayerXP

 * merge VIDIX from MPlayerXP/sourceforge

 * port asf muxing from MPlayerXP

 * write nut muxer/demuxer

 * SSA style & colors handling

 * plugin structure for vf/af

 * support for VirtualDub and Winamp plugins

 * implement xawtv config file parser (for channels, etc)

 * finish icc support

 * G400 2nd head through mga_vid ;)

 * dts support

 * do more things automagically

 * guess correct DVD title

 * syuv and paletted rgb support in swscaler

 * implement Plextor compatible SCSI VCD reading

Difficult stuff:

 * reverse engineer all closed codecs (QDM2, WMV9, Real, ...)

 * support for Bink/Smacker codecs

 * stay in pause after seek, fullscreen etc

 * write something like mptv to replace xawtv

 * write/adapt a C implementation of rtsp

 * real mmsu:// support

 * encode to ogm, mp4, asf, nut

 * develop v4u (new video overlay interface - like vidix but with
   less idiotic interface and more compatible with Xv for easier
   driver porting) 

 * xinerama video filter that splits movie to 2 screens (like zr)

 * top notch DVD navigation like a hardware player

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