[MPlayer-dev-eng] wishlist again

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue May 27 00:03:55 CEST 2003


> > no, i've requested this one already several times :)
> > but i accept that it's quite low priority and nearly nobody actually
> > uses
> > codecs with palette (mayeb only 8bpp msvideo1/cinepak and gif are such
> > things)
> If everyone agree, we could change the codecs to output something 
> non-palettized like BGR15 or BGR16, or even BGR24/32 to have a lossless 
> conversion.

i guess it isn't the ideal solution :)

> IIRC all palettized codec are available also as native codecs (msv1, 
> cinepak, qtrle, msrle, fli, smc, gif, ...). Do you know of any 

> binary-only decoder that only has palettized output?

> The only bad side of this solution is that dithering is required if you 
> use a palettized vo, while now it can be avoided.

it must be done optional. if the codec should keep support for palettized
output while support 15/16/24/32 bpp too. imho it's a big work to change all
codecs and doesn't really worth it. and tere is still the <=8bpp raw

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