[MPlayer-dev-eng] [DOCS] Mencoder guide draft

Clemens Wächter clemenswaechter at web.de
Wed May 28 23:00:28 CEST 2003


as Diego's wishlist wished, I started a new mencoder guide draft,
just to throw in a third unfinished document ;-) (Just kidding)

I greped through encoding.html and I read the thread which was
in the mailing list archives. And this is what I came up with, so
I post it here for discussion. If I continue like this it will
become a whole book (find a publisher? ;-) ) but hopefully with
some help a good one. So just tell me your ideas.

Until now, its nothing more than a preliminary draft, so please
consider it like this, I just don't want to develop into the wrong
direction. As I am the one who started it I also volunteer to
become the maintainer of this document, if no one else wishes
to. So, is there anyone who wants to write a special section?
Arpi, still interested in writing a filters section?

And oh yes, please complain about everything. It's not easy to
write a good documentation and please don't spare me of any comment
about my english - I'm not a native speaker. 

Ok this leaves me to wish you a lot of fun with the document


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