[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Fw: rtsp fixes (buffer size,redirections)

Roberto Togni r_togni at libero.it
Wed May 28 23:33:51 CEST 2003

On 2003.05.28 23:09 Sascha Sommer wrote:
> > If yepyep is not on the list, please forward him my answer.
> >
> Done
> > > > okay that way. this patch also fixes the problem with the
> buffers
> Afair this caused memory corruption for him
> rtsp://video.id.ucsb.edu/excellence.rm
> rtsp://rd01.t-bn.de/live/viva/viva1tv_live_adsl.rm (lots of read
> errors)
> rtsp://video.ohiolink.edu:554/OLN/2000/120-23-1b.rm (buffer overflow)
I'm sorry, they all work here without the patch. If it solves his 
problems i can commit it (it's surely harmless), but i fear it just 
masks a bug somewhere else.
I only have the "!!! BUG!! len=-... !!!" problem with the viva stream, 
even with the buffer patch.

I didn't play them until the end, but AFAIK sdpplin.c code is used only 
during connection estabilishment phase.

> (They all work with the patch)
> Sascha

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