[MPlayer-dev-eng] SigmaDesign hardware support

Sanjeev.Kumar Sanjeev.Kumar at india.rsystems.com
Thu Jan 6 14:17:34 CET 2005

 Hi Philippe ,
           Can you please send me the link where i can found SDK for em8470 / em8471 -> Mpeg1/2/4 decode.
 Sanjeev Kumar   


>Today I wrote to A'rpi about the SigmaDesign Hardware.

>He told me to write this request to the dev mailing list.

>I found the SDK for the following Sigma design hardware :

 - em8400 / em8401 -> Mpeg1/2 decoder
 - em8470 / em8471 -> Mpeg1/2/4 decode
 - em8475          -> the Xcard !

>This SDK is a low level API. (I think it's not open source....) but there
>are sources for everything except for 4 files which are wrapped in 4 kernel

>If someone is interested in this SDK to write the needed MPlayer plugin (-vo
>xcard / -ao xcard), drop me an email and I'll send you everything I've got.


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