[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] joystick double events and keydown/keyup for axes

Mark Pustjens pustjens at dds.nl
Fri Jan 14 14:04:25 CET 2005

Hi everyone,

First let me say i'm sorry about not reading DOCS/tech/patches.txt. I hope 
this is correct.

I recently bought a new gamepad, which has very sensitive axes. This 
caused some problems with mplayer, in the way that it fired key-down
events much too soon. Just lightly touching the stick would couse an 

That is why i changed the default sensitivity using a hysteresis. The 
hysteresis upper and lower bound should be configurable using a 
commandline option, but i haven't taken the effort of finding out how i 
should add this.

Also, the joystick input routines sends events for keyup and keydown 
events of joystick axes. This causes problems if you want to use an axis 
as a button. Bindings for axes are executed twice, once for keydown, and 
once for keyup.

Take for example a binding an axis with the `pause' command. First it 
pauses, and as soon as you return the stick to the center, the playback is 

If have fixed this behavior. Bindings are now only executed for keydown 
events. This fix does not break the autorepeat functionality.

I also added defines for 2 extra buttons, as my joypad has more than ten.

I have tested the patch using an usb joypad and a gameport gamepad. Both 
worked for me.

If you can, please test this patch and give some comments on the code 

I have attached the patch to this message.

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