[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] configurable bg alpha & color for vobsubs

Csillag Kristof fenwick at freemail.hu
Sat Jan 15 22:59:51 CET 2005

2005-01-14, p keltezéssel 01.39-kor Diego Biurrun ezt írta:
> Csillag Kristof writes:
> > 2005-01-08, szo keltezéssel 01.38-kor Joey Parrish ezt írta:
> > > I would prefer it if this used the same options that already exist.
> > > So that -sub-bg-alpha would work for both subs and VobSubs.
> > > Anyone else?
> I agree.
> > I choose to create a new option because the OSD display and the VobSub
> > subtitles might well need different settings at the same time.
> > (The VobSub depends on the palette of the movie.)
> Sounds very obscure to me..  Examples?
Well... I don't feel like searching for specific examples now, but I
write it down once more, hopefully more clearly this time:

The VobSub format contains a palette, which determines the colors in
which we have to draw the VobSub subtitles. These colors can be
different for different movies, which is all right, because some movies
are (mostly) dark, and on them, light subtitles are nice, and some
movies are (mostly) light, and dark subtitles are nice on them.

To achive best results, one has to experiment a bit to find the best
background for the subtitles, considering both the movie's colors, both
the subtitle's color (given in the palette, included in the stream.)

So, there is no unversal best setting, in depends on the movie.

That's not the case with the normal OSD. There are several differences:
	- With OSD, we can set the font, and we know the color.
	- OSD is not used the same way as VobSub subtitles are, because
		OSD is normally not a part of the movie experience.
		I mean, I usually only turn on the counter in the
		upper-left corner while I am seeking a special position
		in the movie, then I turn it off. The usage is diffent:
		With OSD, I want it to be clearly visible, and I don't
		mind how it goes with the movie, but with subtitles,
		I have to find a balance between visibility & how much
		it destroys from the picture. This might mean that I
		set a higher alpha value for the OSD, because I want to
		see it, and make the VobSub subtitles more transparent,
		because I want to see the movie....

Other people might use these features differently, but I think the users
should have the freedom to specify the behavior of these two separate
features (OSD & VobSub) separately.

> > Besides, we already have some double options for subs and VobSubs, like
> > -subalign and -spualign.
> The right solution would be to unify these as well.
Actually, with subaling and spualign, I tend to agree.
(But not with colors)


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