[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: [repatch] better ssa handling

Gábor Farkas gabor at z10n.net
Fri Jan 21 18:53:25 CET 2005

Guillaume Poirier wrote:
> I guess it could help if you were explaining what are ssa files... I
> personally don't know what those are, therefore I don't know how to
> test you patch, and I don't even know if I need the feature you patch
> adds...
> I do know vobsub, srt and dvdsub subtitles, but other that that, I
> don't know, I haven't seen other formats...
> Come on! Do some advertisement bullshit so that we believe that's
> really a killer feature! ;-)

well, support for advanced subtitle features (positioning, color and so 
on) would be really a killer feature.

more&more anime fansub groups start to do "soft-subs" (i hope that's the 
correct name for them) (means the subtitles aren't burned into the video 
stream), and they need to be able to specify the position of the 
subtitle, for example.


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