[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: [PATCH] vobsub: keep aspect ratio

Csillag Kristof fenwick at freemail.hu
Sun Jan 23 14:36:20 CET 2005

2005-01-23, v keltezéssel 06.56-kor Csillag Kristof ezt írta:
> 2005-01-22, szo keltezéssel 13.08-kor D Richard Felker III ezt írta:
> > [...]
> > Great!
> Well, not so great, since it still does not restore the proper aspect
> rate.
> [...] the old method is distorted by cropping/expanding,
> and my new method is distorted by scaling. 
> There should be a proper way; I will look at it again tomorrow.
The problem is that we render the subtitles _before_ the scaling up at
playback time, and we have no idea about what size (or more importantly)
aspect will it be scaled to. Of course the information is available
somewhere in mplayer's dataspace, but the vobsub rendering module is
obviously not aware of it.

  * * *

Can someone quickly pinpoint me the right place to fetch this
information from? (I can look for it, and eventually I will fint it
without help, but a quick tip would make it less painful...)

>  * * *
> > BTW could you make the same changes for rendering text subs? I wanted
> > to do that over a year ago but never figured out how. Right now, text
> > subs are rendered horribly wrong in any movie without square pixels.
Probably the same thing here: the aspect ratio if the comint scale-up is
unknown by the sub rendering module. If I can find the solution for the
SPU module, I will also adopt it to the SUB module.


Csillag Kristof <fenwick at freemail.hu>

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