[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] aspect ratio with text subs & OSD

Csillag Kristof fenwick at freemail.hu
Tue Jan 25 05:06:25 CET 2005

2005-01-24, h keltezéssel 05.45-kor Csillag Kristof ezt írta:
> 2005-01-23, v keltezéssel 12.06-kor D Richard Felker III ezt írta: 
> > I vote for option 1. MPlayer already has too many bad hacks with
> > global vars.
> OK.
> So, here we go. [...] Here come the patches:
...and more patches. :)

	- aspect rate support for OSD elements and TEXT SUBTITLES.

Depends on the o0 patch, doesn't make sense without the o1 patch.
(I have sent them yesterday.)

This patch makes text subtitls and OSD elements use the aspect rate 
information, if available.


1. It only works with fonts handled by FreeType. (The aspect rate
information is used to calculate the dimensions of the fonts we ask
freetype to prepare for us.).

2. Since until so far I'v only modified vo_x11 and vo_xv to support the
new aspect rate framework (that is, to pass the aspect rate information
to the OSD layer), currently only this two VO drivers support this
(See the o1 patch; it's about one line for VO drivers to fix this.)

You can test it with 

mplayer -vo xv -nokeepaspect -font <whatever.ttf> -osdlevel 3 <movie>

...and play around your window; the osd counter's aspect rate won't be
demaged. The same goes for the subtitles.

  * * *

2005-01-22, szo keltezéssel 13.08-kor D Richard Felker III ezt írta:
> BTW could you make the same changes for rendering text subs? I wanted
> to do that over a year ago but never figured out how. Right now, text
> subs are rendered horribly wrong in any movie without square pixels.

Rich, is this what you wanted?


Csillag Kristof <fenwick at freemail.hu>
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