[MPlayer-dev-eng] Postproc Hell

Andrea Palmatè andrea at amigasoft.net
Mon Jan 31 21:27:19 CET 2005

>As I said, pinpoint the change(s) that caused your problems.  It's all
>in the CVS logs.

I've discovered a strange thing. First of all our OS4 is a beta version, 
not a final version.
Second, if I change the screenmode (i have a BGRA32 screen mode) to 16 bit 
and then return to BGRA32 the AVI are displayed correctly. but only the 
first time. If i reload the avi, it is broken. If i rechange the screenmode 
32->16->32 the avi is played without problem. And so on.
It could be a Mplayer problem or a graphics card driver problem? However 
the 1.0pre4 version has no errors..
I don't know if this could be help you.. Another thing the DIVX3 are played 
correctly. Not the DIVX5 - XVID.

>I hear you. What I'm saying is that if you compile GCC from sources
>using Apple's CVS, the problem may disappear just like that: Whoof!
I don't think that is possible to download the macos source and recompile 
it without problems. Is the GCC writtent entirely in assembly?

>Please try to compile you own GCC and tell us what happens so that
>next time we can give a solution to the next person who would have the
>same problem rather than saying that "it's broken, sorry".
Indeed. It is broken on AmigaOS4. I thing this could be a gcc os4 problem 
but if the precedent version works, it is really strange. don't you think?

>I guess -pre6 has more Altivec optimisations...
yes there are really most differences between pre6 and pre4.


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