[MPlayer-DOCS] glossary or Table of Contents or Index for manual?

compn tempn at twmi.rr.com
Sun Dec 25 18:32:31 CET 2005

some users say that they cannot find what they want in the manual. i think this
is because there are too many words that decsribe the same thing.

<ekkaia> the problem with the manual is that you have to know what your doing ;P

i propose a glossary or index or table of contents at the end of the manual
which says:

fast forward or seek or jump or skip or advance or goto:
   see -ss

keep video window or stay or one window or continue:
   see -fixed-vo

flashing screen or green pink screen
   see -colorkey

because a user will only search for one or two words that he thinks 
would describe what he is looking for. this is inheritenly a problem
with anyone who does searching. you get better results if you try different

any thoughts?


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