[Mplayer-users] full screen ?

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon Mar 12 04:21:12 CET 2001


> > what chip is on that card? nvidia rage128? or something TNT? other?
> my /proc/pci says NVidia Unknown device (rev 4). I think it's an NVidia RIVA 
for TNT, you can try their driver for X 4.0.2. see www.nvidia.com...

> > > use a hardware-accelerated driver ? how ?
> >
> > if it's an old nvidia chip, then you should forget hw accel under linux...
> > for new chips you can try their driver for X 4.0.2 with Xv support.
> I'm at the point of buying an ATI Radeon. Shouldn't I ?
ATI is good, and Matrox too. They both have good linux support.

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