[MPlayer-users] <A.D.D> linux user overwhelmed with information; please recommend the best devices for Mplayer

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Subject: [MPlayer-users] <A.D.D> linux user overwhelmed with information;
please recommend the best devices for Mplayer

> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> Hello,
> I'm in the proccess of building my linux home entertainment center, and
> I'd like to make Mplayer the focal point, so I'd like to make sure I'm
> getting the most compatible hardware for it.
> I'm running a p.o.s. ecs k75sa mainboard, 256MB ram, althon XP 1.4 Mhz
> and redhat 8.0
> I just ordered the hollywood+ em8300 chipset becuase I heard that the
> dvd decoder chips are garbage on the consumer video cards and I heard
> Mplayer supports this. Will I only be able to use the "tv-out" feature
> for watching dvd's on this card, or will I be able to watch divx flicks
> on my tv using this tv-out portion of this card?
> Goal #1
> I'm in the market for a good video card that will work well with Mplayer
> for viewing analog or digital displays(preferably either/or/or_both).
> I'd like to avoid running stuff as "root", as i saw in the read Mplayer
> doc, and it would be nice if it was compatible with
> http://directfb.org/projects.xml (look at the bottom of the page pleae),
> as I'm interested in their Xserver that runs rootless.  They list the
> matrox g200/g400/g450/g550, among others.
> I eventually plan on having two computer displays and one television
> going at one time, so whether I get separate video cards, or a dual head
> card with independent displays(capable of having different stuff on each
> display), it makes no difference to me.
> {I hear there is a tv-out patch for the matrox g450/g550 for 2.5.x
> series kernels, not that it would matter if my hollywood plus dvd
> decoder card's tv-out could output divx flicks on my tv.}
> I'm in the market for a v4l compatible tv tuner; my goal is to be able
> to use Mplayer to record tv programming on my computer and display it
> either on either my monitor or tv.  I don't know if I want an analog
> tuner or a digital one, or if it even matters, ie.. there are a hundred
> ways to skin a cat.
> So here is where I'm at, if you would be kind enough to recommend some
> hardware given my requirements, It would be much
> appreciated.{model/part#'s with links to purchase extra credit}
> I'm really confused on video cards as I'm afraid I'll get the wrong
> model, ie.. is this http://matrox.com/mga/products/mill_g550/home.cfm
> compatible with G550 or not, or is it a different card.  I noticed
> pricewatch has a  Matrox Millenium G400,6001613 2d/3d-Video w/tv
> support, is this cards tv tuner v4l compatible and will it work well
> with Mplayer?(it's probably a pci though)
> Thank You in Advance,
> Robert L. Hiett II
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