[MPlayer-users] Re: mplayer crashes with -ao oss:/dev/adsp -ac hwac3

Peter Niemayer niemayer at isg.de
Mon Nov 11 16:15:02 CET 2002

> [MPlayer-users] mplayer crashes with -ao oss:/dev/adsp -ac hwac3

> Alsa output module works ok. (I prefer oss emulation, because alsa ac3
> passthrough can sometimes desync after some seeking ~ 100-200ms. Did anybody
> else expirience this ?)

This Alsa/AC3 desync problem is easy to fix: Use Alsa 0.9 (rc5 or newer)
and the mplayer option "-ao alsa9:mmap:noblock"

But don't use that "mmap:noblock" flags when not using -ac hwac3 - this
doesn't seem to work well (choppy sound).

> Also, some unrelated question. ogmtools require divx in some container
> (avi/ogm). Is there a way to dump video stream from .avi to another .avi
> that contains only video ?

Why would you want this? You can tell ogmtools with the "--noaudio"
flag to just ignore that unwanted part...


Peter Niemayer

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