[MPlayer-users] Encoding quality advices

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Thu Nov 28 23:05:55 CET 2002


> Really interesting email, but is this really that much of an argument 
> against automation?

Not really ;) Myself I use a script that does everything on its own
(adjustable by config files of course, but I just tell it which tracks
to rip in which quality (for Vorbis) and then I tell it the target bpp
it should chose - the scaling will be adjusted automatically. This is
mainly inteded to be left running overnight so I don't have to adjust
parameters after the audio encoding).

> Reading this i'm going to make some 
> changes to my acidrip program to offer hints based on the bpp value, which 
> i'll quite likely bastardise your script for if you don't mind.

Sure, go ahead.

What I definitly don't like would be if a user (especially those
"ripping newbies") was able to enter a command like

mencoder -dvd 1 --verygoodquality -o iamthemasterofripping.avi

because they would expect too much from such presets. The argument that
it would make things easier is actually not valid in my opinion -
because very soon they would like to change the parameters chosen for
--verygoodquality, perhaps simply because the resulting file was 4megs
too small, and then again they would have to care about the parameters.

If your tool makes suggestions then I'm all for it, but this 'one click
dummy mode' is often one of the big drawbacks of Windows software (or
big monolithic software in general).

My four or five cents ;)

 ==> Ciao, Mosu (Moritz Bunkus)

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