[MPlayer-users] Re: RFC: docs update for "how to create a high quality DVD rip"

Wayde Milas wmilas at rarcoa.com
Wed Jun 9 17:14:41 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 04:31, Tobias Diedrich wrote:
> Wayde Milas wrote:
> > If everyone used a cheap $10 pair of powered speakers, its all going to
> > sound the same.
> AFAICT it may be easier to tell them apart with $10 speakers than with
> Studio speakers because the psychoachoustic model assumes good speakers.
> A well-documented test in the german c't magazine (a computer mag) in a
> studio setting showed that people with hearing defects could also tell
> lossless and lossy formats apart more easily.

You are mixing 2 concepts here. $10 speakers cnnot reproduce the gamut
of signal responses. You simply wont hear certain signals no matter what
the psychoahcoustic model produces.

The german tests are probably corect. They are listening on good gear
and and tell when certain signals are missing. They can hear singlas
that are missing in lossy as opposed to nonlossy because thier hearing
range is smaller, or a subset of ours, and are more intune with what
they actually do hear.

Put those people infront of the bad speakers, and they wont be able to
tell the difference now because some of the signals that are present in
teh nonlossy format and absent in heh lossy wont be reproduced either
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