[MPlayer-users] ao-alsa noise...

gabor gabor at z10n.net
Thu Jun 10 00:18:34 CEST 2004


i have an acer800laptop...it has an intel sound chip (users the
snd-intel8x0 alsa module).

before the alsa1x/alsa9 unification everything went fine.

but now, with the unified 'alsa' driver,
i sometimes get noises into the video playback...

until now i could not reproduce them easily, but now i can :)

on my laptop i can adjust the brightness of the screen with
spec-laptop-key+left-arrow and spec-laptop-key+right-arrow.

when using the cvs-current mplayer, when a video is played, and i play
with the brightness, i get a clicking sound all the time while the
brightness controlling keys are used.

it does not happen with the 'alsa1x' version.

it does not happen if i load oss emulation and use -ao oss

it does not happen with xine using alsa

it does not happen with totem using the gstreamer backend which uses


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