[MPlayer-users] MPEG-TS files still out of sync with mencoder (fixed!)

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Fri Jun 11 18:26:11 CEST 2004

Adam Nielsen wrote:

>>Although now that I think about it, the audio was playing while the
>>same frame stayed on screen for 1+ seconds, so I'm not sure why this
>>behaviour should happen - I could understand if the picture jumped
>>forward in time, but why it keeps the same frame on screen when others
>>are available I'm not sure...
>Well, I think I've solved this problem (hooray!)  The -mc option seems
>to control it, and when I tested it before I used -mc 10 (thinking that
>it could correct a maximum of 10 seconds of 'out-of-sync-ness' per
>frame, and thus go back in sync almost instantly) however this seems to
>be why I saw the same frame on the screen for almost 10 seconds.  So
>trying the opposite way, I used -mc 0.1 and that was *much* better, only
>making the video a little jerky.  I tried again with -mc 0.01 and that's
>almost perfect!  It only seems to drop a couple of frames, and in some
>cases you'd hardly know it went out of sync as it has been corrected
>almost instantly.
>At any rate, it seems that this encodes all the episodes perfectly which
>is most pleasing :-D  I'm still doing the first encode without audio,
>but so far everything seems to be in sync - I think the demuxer is more
>likely to pick up the errors before the audio/video decoder, so the
>audio doesn't have to be decoded to work out whether it's in sync or

currently demuxer feed almost everything to the fifos (it only drops the 
the PES analysis
in case of broken packets, but copies the packet to the fifo).
Decoders will (hopefully, but mostly yes) decide what to decode and what 
to drop.
Don't hold your hopes too high in the dismal case of AAC in TS ;(


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