[MPlayer-users] NSC stream

lucio.martinelli at mater.unimib.it lucio.martinelli at mater.unimib.it
Thu Jun 17 10:26:43 CEST 2004


Someone knows how to play asx/nsc stream?

I'm able to play many kinds of stream, but when I try to

mplayer -playlist http://www.radiopopolare.it/live.asx

the buffering starts and reachs an "end of file" after 4188
bytes, that is the dimension of the .nsc file invoked by the
The output is:

Playing http://www.radiopopolare.it/live.nsc.
Resolving www.radiopopolare.it for AF_INET...
Connecting to server
www.radiopopolare.it[]:80 ...
Cache size set to 320 KBytes
Connected to server: www.radiopopolare.it
Cache fill:  1.28% (4188 bytes)    

Exiting... (End of file) 

The same happens invokind directly the .nsc file.

It could be a codec problem? Someone have a suggestion?
I use mplayer1.0pre4.


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