[MPlayer-users] Non-seeking OpenDML AVI

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Fri Jun 18 15:07:28 CEST 2004

Okay, this is weird.

I have an OpenDML AVI (one of several), much smaller than the 2GB limit;
when I first got it, I could not seek without the -idx switch, and got
bad video when using that because of the keyframes issue. All of that is
as expected.

When the patch for OpenDML support for MPlayer came through the
development list, I tried it out and could IIRC (and according to my
E-mail archive) seek just fine, without the above issues. Because of
other problems, however, I did not spend much time with the files.

With CVS as of this morning, having decided to give the file another
look, I suddenly find that matters appear to have reverted; it is not
possible to seek in the file without -idx, and even with that switch
seeking results in the bad-video effect produced by seeking to

The code included in that patch appears to still be present in CVS; I'm
not sufficiently familiar with the code to be able to tell what is and
is not related to seeking, but I do not see any major changes from the
version I tested. I do recall that some changes have been made to the
OpenDML code since it was added, but from the discussion I remember it
does not seem likely that it would produce this kind of effect.

I can provide the file if necessary, though I think I uploaded it (or
one of its close siblings) once already; any ideas what might be going
on here?

       The Wanderer

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