[MPlayer-users] subtitle problems

MJH mjhlists-mplayer at liminalflux.net
Thu Mar 17 19:49:24 CET 2005

On Thursday 17 March 2005 11:08 am, D Richard Felker III wrote:
> > > In the mean time, is there a way to get the subtitles back into the
> > > ripped video? (I hunted through the docs but couldn't find anything).
> > > Or do you have to keep video, sub and inx files around?

> > You can render permanently the subs in the video stream adding
> > the option -sid to mencoder (you need to reencode the video, -oac copy
> > wont work). This works if your source is a DVD. If you have an external 
> > vobsub file you need to patch mencoder (there is a patch flying around).

Any idea where I can find the patch? (google didn't help for once).

> > For text subtitles, I think it's not possible.
> It's also possible for text. However with both, it will seriously
> reduce the quality of your encode. 

Why? What's so different about including the subtitles that degrades the 

> Rendering subs into the movie is a very stupid idea, except for special
> cases like vcd that don't support anything else. 

Or in the case where you always want the subtitles - I don't know enough 
Japanese to watch anime without them, so why keep seperate files?

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