[MPlayer-users] is there any command-line parameters size limit ?

Oliver Seitz info at vtnd.de
Tue Sep 2 22:39:24 CEST 2008

> { { "c:\rootpath\media\MOB001.avi" } { "c:\rootpath\media\MOB002.avi" }  
> { "c:\rootpath\media\MOB003.avi" } } ... continue ...MOB200+
> or any other suggestion for this kind of situation ?

The internet tells me command lines on WinXP may be limited to 32000 or  
8000 characters,
depending on the way a program is called.

Wouldn't MOB*.avi do the trick? On linux/bash, the * would be expanded to  
the list of
filenames before the program is executed and thus cause the same problem  
as writing the
whole list in particular.

Windows, afaik, behaves differently, simply passing the * to the program  
and leaves it to
deal with that, so the command line would be just the length you typed it  


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