[MPlayer-users] SVN-r29370: Certain wmv files (maybe all) problem with seeking: Not the nearest keyframe

Andreas Allacher ghost_zero5 at gmx.at
Thu Jun 18 00:15:58 CEST 2009


I found out about this "bug" by using SMPlayer and a certain (a bit incorrect created mkv file).

I came accross a .mkv file (I don't know why it ended up that way, fixed it by doing some hex editing afterwards) where the mkvinfo displays the wrong duration. Maybe it should be detected through the video stream (segmentation information). However, VLC displays the correct length though. I guess VLC detects the length through the video length stream length.
It isn't that big of a bug - if you could even consider it one because actually the mkv is faulty - but still maybe it could be fixed or something like this.

SMPlayer v0.6.7 SVN-r2831 and MPlayer SVN-r29370

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