[MPlayer-users] SVN-r29352: Certain wmv files (maybe all) problem with seeking: Not the nearest keyframe

Andreas Allacher ghost_zero5 at gmx.at
Thu Jun 18 00:18:53 CEST 2009


I tried Gnome MPlayer GUI and SMPlayer as GUI and with both the same problem exists. If I click somewhere on the bar to jump to the nearest keyframe, I don't get to the nearest keyframe but are minutes off. Just now I was about five to ten minutes away from the desired position.
However, if I for I try to use the arrow keys in SMPlayer to jump 10 second - of course, I don't jump ten seconds either but only about 30 seconds instead which might be accurate for the next keyframe (I didn't check) BUT actually I don't believe so either because if I use the +1 minute jump of SMPlayer I jump 3-5 minutes instead which is definitely way too far.


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