[MPlayer-users] Two questions

Oliver Seitz info at vtnd.de
Sun Aug 1 13:13:14 CEST 2010

On 01.08.2010 11:23, Ronak wrote:
> I'm sorry for the vagueness of the questions, but I am new to this stuff and
> it just didn't strike me to put in more detail.
>   I use Debian Linux, and I am a user without administrative privileges on my
> college server.
>   1) While playing a video clip on mplayer, how do I save a part of the clip
> like you can on VLC by pressing Shift+R? Or *is* there any way to do this?

MPlayer does not save videos, it just plays them. You can, however, make 
MPlayer write an EDL file that MEncoder can later use to copy the 
desired parts to a new video file.

> 2) Most of the videos I watch on mplayer, I watch from the home folders of
> other users, so I don't have permissions there, but I need screenshots. Is
> there any way I can tell mplayer to save all screenshots in a particular
> folder rather than in the video's original folder?
Yes, it was already answered:

cd particular\ folder
mplayer -vf screenshot /home/not_mine/some_video.avi


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