[MPlayer-users] Display and record a camera ip stream at the same time ?

Ambre RIPPE ar at aegle.fr
Thu Aug 19 10:53:54 CEST 2010


I'm using mplayer in slave mode in my application, in order to display a 
camera ip stream.  I need, at the same time, to display the stream, and 
the possibility to write it in a file (so, record it). My point is: I 
would like to do this is the same process.

Actually, I have a process for mplayer in slave mode:
/mplayer -slave -wid id_window  camera_address/

And each time I need to record, I start a new process, not in slave this 
/mplayer -dumpvideo camera_address -dumpfile stream.mp4/

This work, but I really want to do it in the same mplayer process. Any 
idea how to write a stream in a file in slave mode ? I haven't find yet 
the right command in the documentation.

Another question, is there a way to "pause" a dumpvideo ? I mean, record 
the stream in a file, then pause, and then play and write again at the 
end of the file. Is this possible with dumpfile ?



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