[MPlayer-users] RTSP and trick-play

Oliver Seitz info at vtnd.de
Wed Feb 3 15:59:32 CET 2010

> Thanks for your quick and clear answer.
> So, mplayer is definitely not the right choice to build a multi media
> set top box....., except if one consider that streaming and RTSP are a
> mess that no one needs.

If Nico hadn't answered that quick my first suggestion would have been to
try a version that's not three years old. There have been made only a few
thousand improvements by then, perhaps some of them affect your seeking

And, you say seeking worked, just not as smooth as you would like it to
be... I agree, streaming is important and MPlayer should do it. But it
does, doesn't it?

I'm used to watch streams starting at the beginning, then moving forward
in real-time-speed, until the end. In few cases I pause the stream of
rewind a few minutes, but I'm content if it just works, I don't mind a
little pause nor some seconds with artifacts. I think they're funny.

If I have to jump instantly to a certain point within a video, I don't use
a stream but a file in MJPEG or similar coding.


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