[MPlayer-users] [MPlayer] cannot detect PCM audio and 6ch DTS on bluray - debian squeeze/crunchbang

Zacharias zacharias at uymail.com
Wed Apr 18 13:41:55 CEST 2012

hey there gents.
im currently using latest version of crunchbang linux based on debian
i have 2 diffrent blurays on my harddrive so i will detail each problem on
diffrent points

point 1)
i have a blu-ray on my HDD wich has 2 pcm audio streams: a 6ch stream and a
2ch stream.
on cli whr i type "mplayer 00000.m2ts" mplayer loads the video and plays it
smoothly but it doesn't play the audio because it doesn't detect it. no
stream at all.

point 2)
on another blu-ray i have, i type the same command on cli "mplayer
00000.m2ts", and it loads both audio and video (no subs though), but report
only says it's a 2ch DTS audio stream, when in fact its a 6ch DTS stream.

it also might be useful to say that i compiled both x264 and ffmpeg like in
the following tutorial from the ffmpeg wiki page:

i really dont know how to solve this, since all goes smoothly with DVD's.
any thoughts?
thanks in advance.

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