[MPlayer-users] ALSA device mangling rules?

Christian Jaeger chrjae at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 13:14:02 CET 2014

2014-03-02 10:41 GMT+00:00 Krzysztof Duchnowski <amidk75 at gmail.com>:
> it is "default", "sysdefault", "front", "surround40", "surround41",
> "surround50", "surround51", "surround71", "iec958":

That does not seem to be the whole story, as there are e.g. multiple
"default" devices on my system,

$ aplay -L|grep ^default

I've written some crude ALSA device parser in the mean time[1] that
works for me. I would be surprised if it's going to match all cases,
though (and I'd be happy if other people trying my program wouldn't
run into issues with this). Thus I think the question remains open.


[1] currently https://github.com/pflanze/recordvideo/blob/master/recordvideo#L96
permanent link:

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