[MPlayer-users] Issues with -vc ff*vdpau and -vc ff*vdpauold

Ilja Sekler ilja_sekler_ at gmx.de
Sat Nov 1 22:24:09 CET 2014

Am 01.11.2014 um 13:50 schrieb Reimar Döffinger:

> On 31.10.2014, at 23:07, Ilja Sekler <ilja_sekler_ at gmx.de> wrote:
>> there were some VDPAU related changes in FFmpeg last month, since
>> then I get the warning from
>> http://git.videolan.org/?p=ffmpeg.git;a=commitdiff;h=ec6a855b3a6b87f3415cc4ecfc685bd2eefc6a80
>> every time I play a video in MPlayer using -vc ff*vdpau. This
>> might be a purely cosmetical issue, but who knows...
> Fixed, though it too is an FFmpeg API change that was not announced.

Thank you, I wish the FFmpeg project would enhance its communication
practices then...

>> Worse things happen with ffodivxvdpau as some of my DX50 encoded
>> files aren't playable when using this decoder anymore. The video
>> window is black and "Unexpected decoder output format Planar YV12"
>> is printed for each frame. "hedgehog_in_the_fog.avi" (the first 5
>> MiB of the video) and "hedgehog_in_the_fog.txt" are uploaded to
>> incoming, the related gzip-compressed shortened verbose console
>> output is attached.
> This is an undocumented and completely unnecessary API change, patch
> sent to FFmpeg. The ffodivxvdpauold crash is due to a clear bug in
> FFmpeg, patch also sent.

Thank you, confirming the crash as well as playback issues with ff*vdpau
and ff*vdpauold fixed with MPlayer r37316 built atop of the FFmpeg
patched with


and the other patch


already incorporated (ffvc1vdpau{,old} and ffmpeg12vdpau{,old} tested as
well and found working).



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